Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Bizweni Centre for Disabled Children

Bizweni Centre is a school for children with a wide range of disabilities. A few months ago my mom got offered a job to run the centre, officially starting next year. The people who started it have decided it is time to move on from this beautiful and inspiring place, a decision I know was not easy to make. They have the most incredible story and have given their lives to helping the children that many are willing to ignore. 

Here is a quick summary of their story, taken from the Bizweni Centre website.

"Izak and Alta Nieuwoudt had been married for 16 years without having children of their own, when they decided to adopt a child. The little girl Stephanie, born after 26 weeks of pregnancy, was cerebral palsy and severely disabled with poor eyesight. When Stephanie was 5 years old they decided to put her in a play school for disabled children. Alta saw the lack of facilities for severely disabled children and decided to start a centre. Bizweni Centre opened in May 1998.  Although the centre started small, it rendered a quality service to children with various disabilities, as well as to their parents, under one roof from the beginning." 

Here is a link to the website:

Myself and a friend from college, Tina Piliya, went with my mother to watch the schools final year concert. It was truly awe inspiring. Many of these children can not talk, have no control over there limbs and struggle to do basic tasks; yet the amount of joy and love they radiate was almost overwhelming. The amount of love the staff have for the children is humbling, they have devoted themselves to caring for these children and you can see that they love what they do. The success stories are amazing.

Unfortunately the place struggles with funding as many NGO's do. Their needs list is huge and they need funds so that they can carry on their selfless work. So we decided to shoot a short documentary that we will send to possible funders. The first thing we did was to shoot a short clip showing the kids in the reading and prayer circles they attend before they start class each day. We want this to be watched as much as possible so that people can become aware of this haven and their interest will be peaked so that when we release the longer version we will have an audience. We need people to see this if we are to raise funds. We will be releasing the full version soon which will include interviews with Izak and Alta, the staff, and one or two parents. We will show what they do with the children everyday and what they need to continue their blessing.

The video was shot by Tina and edited by myself. Please share it with family and friends!

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